Eligibility Period

Entries produced between April 1 2022 to July 7 2023 are eligible for entry into the awards. 

General Eligibility

All work entered into shots Awards: Asia Pacific 2023 should have aired/first appeared online between  April 1 2022 to July 7 2023. To classify as being from Asia Pacific the work should have been developed through an agency based in Asia Pacific (this includes Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand & Vietnam).

Where there is no agency, but the idea was developed in-house by the brand, the in-house dept should be based in Asia Pacific. If there was no agency or in-house creative dept, the production company should be based in Asia Pacific. If there was no agency or in-house creative dept or production company… are you sure you’re entering the correct awards show?

Entry Fees 


1-3 Entries $235 /entry
4+ Entries $188 /entry


1-3 Entries $295 /entry 
4+ Entries $236 /entry

Payment must be received for all entries before they will be approved for judging.

Payment can be made securely online by credit card at time of submission.

Payment by bank transfer for larger numbers of entries can be made - Please contact us.


The shots Awards Asia Pacific will have different juries made up from creatives, directors, producers, editors, VFX artists and other members of category-specific sectors from across the Asia Pacific region. The jurors will decide both the shortlisted work and the eventual winners via a rigorous online judging process.
Further to this, points will be allocated to shortlisted and winning work – and the respective companies involved in making that work – to ascertain the winners of the company and people categories, with the company/person gaining the greatest number of points announced as the winner.

The points allocation is as follows:

  • Shortlisted work: 1 point
  • Bronze winning work: 3 points
  • Silver winning work: 5 points
  • Gold winning work: 8 points
  • Grand Prix winner: 10 points 

The categories for which the above points system is employed:

  • Director of the Year
  • VFX Company of the Year
  • Agency of the Year
  • Editing House
  • Editor of the Year
  • Production Co of the Year
  • Audio Company of the Year